Nathalie Beauvais - contemporary artist

Nathalie Beauvais, contemporary artist, between abstract and figurative, sometimes even minimalist.
Marine or urban landscapes take you to new horizons or the colors explode and communicate his joy of living.
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Nathalie Beauvais between sky and sea.

 The sea is its home port. Nathalie Beauvais draws boats and travel.  "I was born in Royan on the Atlantic ocean, I work and live between La Rochelle and Sables D'olonne. I sailed in the Mediterranean where my boat is based. The sea is part and parcel of my life. "Self-taught artist, she wished to make his painting free and uninhibited. She paints exclusively oil for its brilliance and its long drying time which allows him to revisit the canvas according to its desire to brushes for the funds, the knives for forms. Its intention is to develop very pure funds for which she works color under numerous vivid layers. His job does no willingness of realism. The diffuse and blur are performed between sweetness, appeasement and storm.

Vaporous and light as a cloud, his paintings seal the sea and the sky to encompass the Viewer on a journey without markers. The poetic charge is built on a ghostly wave, without unity of place and time. Nathalie Beauvais is a sailor without a map looking for symptoms of the big blue. This tends to dissolve the figure in the painting. As if we are witnessing a slow sinking. To keep the cape, the degree of abstraction is not total and leakage lines structure look that lurks to the margins of the image.

"Horizons lines are related to navigation, how you perceive things arriving somewhere boat is still very special. '' To contrast advantage, the artist inserts volumes; sails, buildings, anonymous figures, floating images which bathe in the centre of the canvas. Their cutouts accented rhythm space. It is matter of arrangement in the work of Nathalie Beauvais; arrangement of surfaces, layout of the color... His gestural Expressionism claims force imaging of the form and the tones. It makes enigmatic evidence of representation. This use of the palette and the line, this game features and fragments induce a narrative logic, when well even this remains suspended. The artist provides insight for understanding but prefers to leave the viewer explore his work with several tracks of reading.

Sequences mixed and fragmented stories unfold and participate in a movement of metamorphosis. Visual vibration weaves the sailor and the urban, reinforcing the contrast between natural and industrial elements, strength and fragility, between fixed form and instability. The scenery is better.  Painting from Nathalie Beauvais is a tour on the water at the melancholy edge.  Under sounds brush, it feels like the power of the wind, the sky changes, the continuous renewal of violence and the wild beauty of the calm sea and raging waves.

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